We are Industry Leaders

E-Learning, LMS, Surveys, VLE, Print, and much more...

A Digital Agency

We have a team of highly talented software engineers who work hard every day to improve the functionality of our Content Management System (CMS) so that schools benefit as much as possible from their websites.

Forward Thinking

Every website we create has been worked on by our photographers, graphic designers and project management team. Their responsibility is to custom design the website of each one of our schools and make sure that it reflects their unique culture.

Problem Solvers

We  develop software and applications for school websites, custom build and maintain them. We provide our schools with complimentary educational components that are crucial to running their websites effectively. We want the websites of our schools to be successful, easy to maintain, and simply the best.

Customer Support

Whether it’s a simple question from a teacher, or a custom banner that has to be created using Photoshop, it’s our teams responsibility. They process thousands of tickets from schools every month, assist them on the phone and simply do things that can not be done with a CMS.

Our Story

We provide complete website management services. SEO services, Google analytics, webmaster tools. Social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and more.

Need website hosting? We have that too.

E-commerce, WordPress and much more at affordable pricing levels.

  • Web Development 100%
  • Digital Marketing & PR 100%
  • App Development 75%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
  • Google Analytics/Tools 100%
Nickeisha Muir

Nickeisha Muir

Client Relations Manager

Nickeisha has worked in the Customer Service industry for over 10 years. She ensures that goals and expectations are met and that our clients get the best service they deserve.