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Management Information Systems


A1 Academia

A1 Academia Has many core modules for Mid-Large campus management e.g Student Records, Students Finance, Admissions, Registration, Curriculum Management, Course Mgmt, Exams, Hostels etc.


  • SchoolTool is a web-based student information system with features including student record management, attendance logging, gradebooks, and timetabling.
  • SchoolTool integrates with systems including the Moodle VLE via CAS authentication.
Real World Uses

Lecture Capture/Podcasting



  • OpenSankoré provides an interactive cross-platform interface for whiteboards, touch tables, or any type of computer.
  • Whiteboard-style drawing is supported, as well as inserting documents and media.
  • The environment’s functionality can be extended by the addition of Widgets.
Real World Uses

They use Sankoré

Classroom Management



  • iTALC provides tools for managing the PCs in a classroom.
  • A teacher can view students’ screens in overview mode.
  • Computers can be remote controlled to provide assistance.
  • Workstations can be locked to reduce distractions.
  • Demonstrations can be broadcast to all workstations.
Real World Uses

Wellington East Girls' College

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