Use surveys to improve programs, processes, and overall achievements.
Understand your students, teachers, parents and administrators satisfaction and feedback.

Family/School Relationships

Principals, superintendents, and school boards can use surveys to learn more about the aspects of family/school relationships that drive student outcomes.

Educational Outcomes

Sending out a student survey can help educators improve programs and address deficiencies, while students can gain valuable insights on their learning processes.

School Surveys

From funding, to safety, communications, school board performance, and more, considers using the our school surveys  to get valuable insights into the health of your school.

Basic/Pre School Parent Surveys

Is their child’s preschool experience positive; does their child feel welcome; is the preschool staff’s experience and training adequate? These questions are likely to show up in a preschool survey.

School Climate

How high does your school score on motivating your child? Does your school value diversity? Do teachers respect your child? Do administrators at your child’s school create a healthy and supportive learning environment? Find these questions and more by contacting FV Educational Services today.

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Student Surveys

Collect feedback from students themselves. Do students feel that they are respected and treated fairly? Are teachers, coaches, nurses, and other staff supportive? Are classmates kind and well-mannered? Does bullying exist in their school?


Evaluate Learning Programs

As new technologies emerge, what tools do students need to succeed in the classroom? What factors are vital to effective course design and high quality instruction in any school setting? What, if anything, do students feel they miss out on? Send out an online survey to find out?


Teacher Surveys

Take a closer look at how staff and teachers view their workplace. Are teachers in  school happy with their working conditions, colleagues, processes, and facilities? Send a teacher questionnaire to get feedback from the staff.

Curriculum Planning, Special Trips, School Performances.

Teachers could use a survey for curriculum planning, course evaluations, or to gauge interest in special topics. They could also send out an online survey to coordinate field trips, fundraisers, school performances, events and more. Which parents can help with chaperoning , are others interested in yard duty?

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